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Breath of the Wild !!!! Also I recently wrote a similar post called “in defense of weed and video games “ 😂 couldn’t agree with you more. Gaming is meditation. It’s being fully present in the world of the now.

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Catapult 2. My husband introduced me to the game. I used to love Pac Man and donkey Kong. After not playing video games for like 30 years.

Catapult 2 was crazy awesome. I picked up the game and didn’t stop until I completed the whole thing and had to wait a year and half for the developers to add on more game.

Was so fun.

it’s so easy to lose yourself and hyper focus on game.

My other faves.

Golf Rival. Fishdome. 8ball Strike. Pocket Games.andBlitz.

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This post just reminded of a resource-deprived childhood where I had no games to play and would wait for my neighbour friends to invite me for a casual game. I am definitely adding this to my "Reliving Childhood" list :)

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I recommend Arise for Nintendo Switch. It is a really interesting game, where you don't get a lot of instruction on how to succeed or what is happening, and you have to figure it out. My kids love to watch me play it and help figure out what we were supposed to do in each level. It also has beautiful graphics and a really touching story that you discover as you play. My kids were so engaged in the story that they cried when I finished the game. It was seriously so so good.

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"...itchy dissatisfaction." Exactly.

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